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“I contacted Harold after my now ex wife walked away from the marital residence and left our children with me. This divorce took 1 year and Harold became very personal with me and took the time to get to know me personally. He went above and beyond to protect my assets and listened to my fears and walked me through any and all questions I had regarding a divorce. Harold went above and beyond with everything he did especially with a high conflict divorce with 3 children involved. I would highly recommend Harold Thompson to anyone in need of a divorce lawyer. I know what people think, “Lawyers are lawyers”. But I could literally reach Mr. Thompson any day of the week if it was important enough. He brought to the table a level of professionalism and more importantly, “Integrity”, which is something of a pipe dream nowadays. Harold is honest and will tell you the harsh truth when It needs to be said to you. He knows when to push and when to back off. I respect him for that. I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer to represent me in the courtroom and honestly consider him a friend now. He fought for me insanely hard and I couldn’t have asked for more! God bless you Mr. Thompson.”– Brandon

“My wife took my daughter and left me devastated. I called 7 different attorneys and 5 of them were just cold robots who only cared about telling me how much they cost and how little time I had to tell them about my case. At my lowest point while waiting for a call back, Attorney Harold Thompson called me. One of the reputable law firms I contacted were booked and so passed my information onto Harold. Harold Thompson consoled me first and made me feel as though he was sitting right next to me. He then listened to my case for as long as I needed him to and then told me he how he would fight for me as hard or as long as I needed him to. He did not try to nickle and dime me like the other attorneys and informed me of his FLAT rate and worked with me on payment options. His process to get things started was straight forward and to the point. He started working immediately and was more knowledgeable and more insightful than other attorneys. He professionally communicated with my wife and then back with me and was able to determine that divorce and a custody battle would be extreme at this point. Other attorneys would had just thought how they could keep money flowing into their pockets. Harold on the other hand recommended a less costly option. Communication had opened back up with me and my wife and my family is back together now thanks to Harold’s involvement. Harold Thompson is not just a wonderful attorney but a caring and understanding person who is devoted to helping people and not destroying families.”– Sheeyen V.

“Totally recommend Harold for any child custody case. He is very helpful and very respectful. Child custody is a very sensitive topic but he was able to provide all the information I needed in order to have the case resolved. He goes that extra mile to get you what you need/deserve. Thank you for your honesty and your services”– Kenia

“I was very blessed to have you as my Lawyer you did an amazing job thank you so much for all you did we will be using again”– Warren

“Harold worked with me thru all phases of my divorce. I was impatient at times and he understood, provided me with sound legal advice assured me that things were progressing and was a friend through it all. I do and did appreciate his representation thru this needless nightmare.”– Bob

“I had a very difficult divorce with children involved. I had an attorney before Mr Thompson that had allowed several things go undisputed. My ex and his attorney were able to manipulate the system in such a way that they got full custody of my children, without ANY notification to my attorney or myself. I was referred to Mr Thompson through an agency. When I met Mr Thompson, I was a wreck, a mess and did not know where to turn. Mr Thompson looked my case over thoroughly and listened to my concerns. Mr Thompson went above and beyond for me and my girls. Less than 6 months after retaining Mr Thompson, my girls were home in a safe environment. Mr Thompson held my hand every step of the way and keep me informed of what could and could not happen during the process. He answered any and all of my questions, no matter how trivial they were. We are now 4 years after the battle and i still refer Mr Thompson to any and everyone I meet that may need to navigate the legal system.”– Brandy

“He took on my case and got it dismissed. He also worked with me with my financial situation. He is seriously the best in Tulsa”– A Satisfied Client

“This dude lit. X-military or veteran guy. He has helped me with all my cases from family to criminal. Down to earth, easy to talk to, he listens and he calls you back when he says,”I’ll call you back “. He was patient with my case, prepared me for the judge well in advance and not last minute like other attorneys,. He will tell it just like it is,. My kids have him to thank because he kept me from being jailed. He works with veterans too, Thank you Mr. Thompson”– Bob

“Harold was called onto the case at the last minute. He did a very good job coming up to speed with the past history as well as the present issues. Due to his knowledge and perseverance, Harold was able to save myself from paying $30k in requested arrears. I highly recommend Harold for family law.”– Brandt

“Mr. Thompson is beyond amazing, he is kind and went above and beyond to help me with my case, I am thankful for such an amazing attorney and will definitely return in the future if needed. 10/10 recommend.”– Sonja B.

“Mr. Thompson was very polite and professional. He took on a case that wasn’t finished and he got the job done fast. He definitely knows what he is doing.10/10 I will be recommending him in the future. Thank you for all you have done for my family.”– Ashley Z.

“Mr. Thompson has been, from day one, super nice and extremely professional. I would recommend him to any family or friend. Very satisfied with the legal services he provided for me.”– DOCMvR artist

“Mr. Thompson was very professional polite and completely got my fiancé’s case done within 60 days of hiring him he’s a go getter and most importantly very knowledgeable and respectful he put his clients first very affordable and all together the best around Tulsa I would refer him and give him a 10/10″– Patrick R.

“Attorney Thompson is very pleasant to work with he’s professional and takes care of his clients, definitely will recommend”– Liliana T.

“Great understanding man! Very knowledgeable in what he does. The way he holds himself let’s you know right then he means business. I will always use him when I need a lawyer!!!! Hands down trust him with everything”– Ariel T.

“One of the BEST ATTORNEYS in Tulsa! Very professional! All around great person! DEFINITELY WOULD RECOMMEND!!!”– khena M.

“Good service”– Cetora

“He is a very honest and kind attentive person as a person and as a lawyer he is very reliable and always has availability to serve his clients!”– Mancha2 Live

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